Arcanist, Leader of Kobolds on Hexturtooth


Arcanist in Vesturheim. Posed as friend of Sverrir Steinsson.

Revealed to be leader of kobolds on Hexturtooth. Also commanded Karthraxis, a frost dragon, until it was slain. (See Adventure Log, Campaign Intro. Sess. 6 (Feb. 9, 2014)).

Gelfem also attempted to have Magnus assasinated (see id. at Sess. 2 (Oct. 28, 2013) & Sess. 6).

Gelfem surrendered to the party and was turned over to Chief Ingolffson for trial to answer for his crimes. (See id. at Sess. 9 (Mar. 24, 2014)).


Gelfem was the unwanted son of a Nylandu missionary. He learned the kobold language (Draconic) during his travels around the world. He married a Rijkin woman and became an officer in the most powerful criminal organization in Sambandsins Rijka. Eventually he defected, escaping back to Nylandu with a fortune.

Gelfem appears to be an ambitious anarchist; he claims to answer to no nation, but only to power. He is known to be involved in a plot to dismantle the human civilization of Nerath and the Nentir Vale and to return them to being an untamed wild, “perhaps back to evil.” He plans to assume power over the wilds and instigate the rise of “evil” humanoids.

At this time it is unclear with whom he is working.


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