Adventures in the Colony of Nerath

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Campaign Introduction, Session 1
Magnus' Arrival

Magnus Benediktsson, an agent of Nylandu, The Sacred Empire of leaves service in The Flota to become an agent investigator of Nylandu stationed in Nerath. His first mission is to travel to Woodhaven to investigate the disappearance of Agent Sverrir Steinsson. Steinsson disappeared while cooperating with agents from Einingu, Kingdom of regarding piracy in the region and a string of murders.

His orders. 1. Magnus shall sail to Heimaey in Arrentooth in Temmur Bay. He shall then charter a craft to Vesturheim on Viti, The River, and then hire a carriage to Woodhaven. 2. Upon arrival, Magnus shall deliver an encrypted message to Minister Herra via Chief Ingolffson. 3. Magnus shall investigate the disappearance of Steinsson. 4. He shall investigate the increasing rise in piracy. 5. He shall report his progress every two weeks to Warden Faren Markelhay in Fallcrest.

Magnus traveled from Nylandu to Heimaey seaport by Ruby of Kvatkess. He visited A Lopsided Turtle, Nefala’s Bazaar, The Virtuous Stranger, and the docks. In A Lopsided Turtle, a server told him rumors of a haunted ship piloted by the dead. She also told Magnus of disappearances onland, including Duvan Staul and Gavign Steirsson. Duvan and Gavign were childhood friends who headed to Woodhaven with a map of a dragon’s tomb and were never heard from again.

Magnus also visited the House of Melorra, where Sergey discussed the escalation of piracy in the area. Sergey suspects Urgangur, The Emirates of is behind it. Sergey has heard of ships left with riches on board, the crews murdered.

Magnus hired Captain Zander to transport him to Vesturheim via The Parched Snail. They are joined by Sister Marla, who is returning home to Vesturheim from Nylandu.

In Vesturheim, Magnus takes notice of Cranewing’s Arcane Artifacts and Relics, but it is closed.

Magnus is approached by a carriage driver named Ignati, who claims he was sent to pick Magnus up and take him to Woodhaven. During the ride, they are pursued, and the driver loses the pursuers in the woods. Magnus and Ignati continue on their journey.

Campaign Introduction, Session 2
Ignati's Betrayal

Driven by Ignati in a carriage, Agent Magnus Benediktsson approached a small cabin in the woods. Several unidentified men attacked Magnus and knocked him unconscious. Ignati had been part of a set-up.

After some time, Magnus awoke inside the cabin, bound to a chair, where a man was preparing to interrogate him. There was some commotion outside and Magnus used the distraction to free himself. A dwarf and a man appeared in the doorway and assisted Magnus in defeating the captors, although one escaped. The dwarf introduced himself as Krieg Deepstone, an Einingun agent, and his human colleague as Pietri, his guide. Krieg had been helping Sverrir Steinsson before the latter’s disappearance. To this end, Krieg and Pietri had been tracking the purported carriage driver, Ignati.

After a fruitless search of the cabin, Krieg and Pietri escorted Magnus to Woodhaven, where Magnus found a room at Wrafton’s Inn. Krieg assured Magnus that the proprieter, Salvana Wrafton, is trustworthy.

Magnus then interviewed Krieg regarding his investigation. Steinsson has a home in the hills west of Woodhaven. An investigation revealed signs of a struggle and blood on the floor, but no bodies were found. Agent Lyvia, who had been working with Steinsson, also disappeared. No leads were found in her home either. Steinsson had been busy for the last few days before his disappearance; he had been traveling south to Vesturheim and the Heimaey port. Regarding piracy, Krieg states that the “usual suspects” have been seen, but this doesn’t explain the ghost ship rumors. Krieg has seen the “victim ships,” all the crew dead with looks of horror, but no visible signs of trauma. Any upstart pirate groups have disappeared. Krieg believes that there is an “elite” pirate force driving out competition and that this “ghost ship” is somehow connected with this new power.

Magnus then met with Chief Ingolffson at the militia’s hillside fortified compound. Toma, Ingolffson’s assistant, was instructed to send the encrypted message to Minister Herra, per Magnus’ orders. According to Ingolffson, Steinsson came from Nylandu, The Sacred Empire of approximately two years ago. He spent 6 months investigating piracy and the rumors of the “ghost ship.” His investigation took him to The Teeth, which are very difficult to search and navigate; Lyvia did not accompany him on these exploits. Steinsson also met with mariners, and studied maps and trade routes. He was investigating a lead when he disappeared. A messenger delivered a note to Toma, who then delivered it to Ingolffson, that Steinsson wanted to meet with him, two days before Steinsson’s disappearance. A search of Steinsson’s house revealed nothing except signs of a struggle and that Steinsson’s notes were destroyed. His maps were taken when the house was raided. Both Steinsson and Lyvia had cut ties with their families in Nylandu.

Ingolffson revealed that Steinsson had some “drinking buddies” at the tavern in Vesturheim. He also related a favorite saying of the missing agent: “Let them lure you into a trap.”

Magnus and Krieg then visited Steinsson’s hut in the woods. Magnus observed acid marks and burns on the walls, obvious signs of a magic battle. There was blood on the floor, like a person being dragged; however, there was no sign of a forced entry. Magnus searched through Steinsson’s effects, finding nothing of interest except a curious star-shaped sea shell among the missing agent’s collection. According to Steinsson’s journal, the shell was from Hundertooth. According to Krieg, this represents more recent activity before Steinsson’s disappearance.

Magnus resolved to travel to Vesturheim and interview Steinsson’s drinking buddies, and then travel to Hundertooth. Krieg agreed to accompany him.

Campaign Introduction, Session 3
Vesturheim to Hexturtooth

Magnus Benediktsson and Krieg Deepstone traveled to Vesturheim on horses funded by Chief Ingolffson.

Magnus and Krieg visited Cranewing’s Arcane Artifacts and Relics and interviewed the owner regarding Sverrir Steinsson. Cranewing knows and is friendly with Steinsson, who would often purchase spell components for divination. The missing agent would often go out on boats. Steinsson was also known to meet Gelfem, an arcanist, at Cranewing’s, as well as at The Burning Whistle with other friends. Cranewing last saw Steinsson about a month ago; he noticed nothing peculiar.

Magnus and Krieg visited The Burning Whistle and asked after Gelfem. Vinsson advised them to return after 9 p.m. In the meantime, Magnus and Krieg obtained a room at the Vesturheim Inn, and then proceeded to explore the town. Afterwards, they returned to The Burning Whistle and met Gelfem, Ehrnik and Annar. The friends thought that Steinsson had gone on an expedition, as he often would. Steinsson liked to go to the islands and collect sea shells. Steinsson also liked trinkets, and would often buy and sell from Annar. None of them knew of Agent Lyvia. Annar suggested that Magnus ask Cranewing who was taking Steinsson on his island expeditions.

Magnus and Krieg were ambushed by men on horseback with crossbows upon their exit from The Burning Whistle. After surviving the attack, the two returned to the Inn and slept with watches.

In the morning, Magnus and Krieg checked out of the Inn and again visited Cranewing’s. Cranewing described the appearance of the boat that Steinsson often hired for his excursions. Magnus and Krieg proceeded to the docks and identified the boat, captained by a nervous, dark-skinned man named Licus. Licus revealed to the agents that he often took Steinsson to The Teeth; Steinsson liked fishing, sea shells, and sea creatures. The man’s excursions were spread out over the islands, and he was always alone. It had been about a month since Licus had last seen Steinsson; he noticed nothing peculiar. Steinsson’s last excursion had been to Hundertooth, where he collected shells and did some fishing. Regarding the recent uptick in piracy, Licus said that he had had some friends killed, but no trouble personally.

Magnus and Krieg hired Licus to take them to Hundertooth, an island near to Hexturtooth, the largest island in the Teeth. The voyage took about an hour. Exploration revealed many shells, horseshoe crabs, and the like. While walking the perimeter, the agents met Eira Gunnarsoddter. She was an acquaintance of Steinsson, and had accompanied him on his expeditions to the islands (despite Licus reporting that Steinsson was “always alone”). The two would often collect ritual components together. Eira last saw the missing agent approximately six weeks ago and noticed nothing peculiar; she did, however, state that Steinsson was often secretive and aloof. Eira was from the capitol and traveled as a battlefield medic; she then lived in Fallcrest.

With respect to piracy, Eira reported that there is an abandoned fortress on Hexturtooth where she often saw small junks patrolling. Eira agreed to accompany Magnus and Krieg to Hexturtooth to investigate. Licus reluctantly agreed to take the party to the island under cover of darkness. According to Eira, most of Hexturtooth is bordered by cliffs; as such, they would need to disembark on the east side, which is likely patrolled.

The party returned to Vesturheim and rested. They left for Hexturtooth a couple of hours before dawn and slipped into the east side between regular patrol boats. Licus instrcuted the group that he would return two hours after sundown and wait 30 minutes. If no one came to him, he would repeat this the next day. However, after that, he would not return.

Magnus, Krieg and Eira disembarked on a long beach, heavily populated with dunes. Above them loomed a tree-crowned cliff. They headed north, staying close to the foot of the cliff. Very quickly, a patrol boat passed close to the beach and announced that the three had been spotted from the fortress. The party stayed hidden and the junked continued on its way. Continuing on, the group came to a wide, marshy beach and discovered an animal trail. They followed the trail to a river, which led them uphill further inland, into the cover of woods and closer to the fortress.

Eventually, the party came to a waterfall in a clearing at the base of an 80-foot cliff. Discovering a cave, the group entered and were attacked by stirges by a dung-pile. After the encounter, the party exited the cave and rested by the waterfall. Further exploration of the cave revealed nothing.

Magnus, Krieg and Eira continued to journey southeast for about 900 yards when they discovered another animal trail. This they followed uphill to another clearing with another cave mouth. Another animal trail led out of the clearing to the south. The cave was large and full of boulders. Entrance into the cave revealed and interior cave mouth, which led into a small side passage with a pool of brown water. Here the party encountered a large group of vicious bats (see Daddy-bat). Further exploration of the cave-within-a-cave revealed only human remains, rocks, and dung.

The party returned to the clearing to rest.

Campaign Introduction, Session 4
Death on Hexturtooth

While attempting to rest in the clearing, Magnus Benediktsson, Krieg Deepstone and Eira Gunnarsoddter were assailed by a band of Kobolds accompanied by small, draconic “pets.” After a failed parley, the group was defeated and taken prisoner in the “abandoned” fortress of Hexturtooth. However, Magnus escaped his cell through the air vents and freed his companions in similar fashion. (See maps for vents and fortress details.)

With minimal exploration, Magnus was able to recover everyone’s melee weapons, albeit at the risk of waking a Dragon, White. The party then ventured up the vents to the level above the cells. It was there that they were attacked by more kobolds and their draconic pets. Regrettably, both Krieg and Eira died in the battle, the former being slain at the hands of a kobold spellcaster and the latter being crushed by a giant boulder.

Magnus, the sole survivor, looks to escape the fortress. (It should be noted that he has missed the first rendezvous by Licus.)

Campaign Introduction, Session 5
Friends Arrive on Hexturtooth

Meanwhile, Licus again waited at the rendezvous point to no avail. He returned to Vesturheim in the middle of the night, but, immediately after mooring his boat at the docks, he was surrounded by three armed men. The men interrogated him about a man and dwarf matching the descriptions of Magnus Benediktsson and Krieg Deepstone. After Licus answered their questions without hesitation, the men introduced themselves as: Vermundur Arnarson, a warlord officer assigned by Chief Ingolffson to assist Magnus in his investigation; Hinrik Mimirsson, a wizard and personal friend of Vermundur; and Pietri, Krieg’s sigran associate. Apparently Vermundur missed his meeting with Magnus and had since learned that Magnus hired Licus to row him to The Teeth. After some negotiation, Licus accepted 10 gold pieces to take Vermundur, Hinrik and Pietri to Hexturtooth to search for the missing agents.

While underway, the party sighted lights on Hundertooth. Stopping to investigate, they discovered three men stooping close to the sand, investigating something by torchlight. The Nylandu paladin leading them introduced himself as Einar Gunnarsson, who was searching for his missing sister, Eira Gunnarsoddter. The sigran ranger assisting him was Grisha Nevzorov, and they were accompanied by the boatman hired by Einar, Andrei Ivanov, also a sigran warlock. After Vermundur related what he learned of Eira’s disappearance from Licus, the groups traveled together to Hexturtooth.

Immediately upon disembarking, the party was chased by patrols of Kobolds and humans. The ranger Grisha led them through the wilderness. At one point, the party discovered an ancient statute of a minotaur (see Minotaurs). After doubling back through the woods in an attempt to elude their pursuers, the party was sighted and attacked by a group of kobolds. The friends were victorious in their first battle together and made their way into the woods for a quick rest before continuing their search for Magnus, Krieg and Eira.

Campaign Introduction, Session 6
An Enemy Unmasked, Another Destroyed

Somewhere in the bowels of the fortress, Magnus Benediktsson contemplated the bodies of Krieg Deepstone and Eira Gunnarsoddter, his fallen associates. Suddenly surrounded by Kobolds, a human man stepped forward: the creatures’ obvious leader, even speaking their language. It was none other than Gelfem, supposed friend of Sverrir Steinsson in Vesturheim. (See Adventure Log, Campaign Intro., Sess. 3 (Dec. 7, 2013)).

With magnanimous courtesy, Gelfem instructed Magnus to meet him in his parlor after getting cleaned up; as a conciliatory gesture, he also instructed the kobolds to tend to Krieg’s and Eira’s bodies. Magnus proceeded to the kobold barracks, where they confiscated his arms and armor, but healed his wounds. He was then escorted to a large room overlooking an impressive panorama of the entire hill upon which the fortress perched. There Gelfem waited. In his discussion with Magnus, Gelfem was revealed to be the unwanted son of a Nylandu missionary. He learned the kobold language during his travels around the world. He married a Rijkin woman and became an officer in the most powerful criminal organization in Sambandsins Rijka. Eventually he defected, escaping back to Nylandu with a fortune.

Turning to the business at hand, Gelfem informed Magnus that, while Eira was irrevocably dead, he had restored Krieg to health. So long as Magnus cooperates, a cease-fire was in effect; otherwise he would permit his “great weapon,” a frost dragon (see Dragon, White), to devour his associates’ bodies. The dragon, Gelfem explained, is only the first step in a demonstration of power; there is a greater plan in place on the Nerathi mainland. According to Gelfem, Nerath and the Nentir Vale will return to being an untamed wild, perhaps back to evil. Nerath, it seems, has changed hands many times throughout the centuries; it is a “magical place,” perhaps the last such place left. Power is drawn to it, conquers, but is slain and replaced; all forget its history. Gelfem will gain power over the wilds, an untamed paradise of freedom, begin the decline of humans, and instigate the rise of “evil” humanoids. Whether or not he is mad, Gelfem appears to be an ambitious anarchist; he claims to answer to no nation, but only to power.

Furthermore, Gelfem was revealed to be the one who attempted to assassinate Magnus upon his arrival to Nerath (see Adventure Log, Campaign Intro., Sess. 2 (Oct. 28, 2013)). Curiosity stayed his hand thereafter. The rumors of a ghost ship are just that: rumors; they refer only to Gelfem’s kobold pirates. Gelfem’s frost dragon has been attacking ships and freezing its victims to death.

Before Magnus had a chance to inquire into Steinsson, two kobolds, Content Not Found: bracct_ and _Content Not Found: krisstik, rushed in and exclaimed that Magnus’ rescue party was close to the doors. Before having his hands bound, Magnus slipped a knife into his sleeve and was led away. During the procession, Magnus could hear chants and an inhuman scream. As he approached his cell, he unsuccessfully attacked the kobolds; he was knocked unconscious. He later woke up in his cell.

In the meantime, the party led by Vermundur Arnarson continued its search for an entrance to the fortress. They successfully defended against an attack at the top of a cliff by kobolds and Drakes. The party retrieved three glistening magical breastplates from the bodies.

After a short rest, the party was attacked by Gelfem’s frost dragon, which descended upon them from the mountaintop. Although the party was victorious, Pietri died from a blast of the dragon’s breath weapon.

Campaign Introduction, Session 7
A Dragon's Vigil

At the scene of the battle, large groups of kobolds, grief-stricken at the death of Karthraxis, Gelfem’s frost dragon, stopped fighting and began to gather around its body. Others began to disband and scatter around the island.

The party, led by Vermundur Arnarson, took advantage of this respite and proceeded to the fortress, following a path to a waterfall and then ultimately to a shack. There the party found kobolds posted outside, as well as a human man they had encountered earlier, only to lose him in a chase. The man boldly proclaimed that he stood in defense of the fortress.

The party began the assault. After successfully fighting their way into the shack, an apparently understated subterranean entrance to the fortress, the party barred the door behind them. By now, swarms of kobolds were making their way back to the fortress. The party pressed on down a staircase, searching for a place to rest. They descended into a room with a glowing green sludge-pit. There they defended against an attack by more kobolds.

Campaign Introduction, Session 8

After a short rest and looting the kobold bodies, the party passed through a portcullis, closing it as they passed. They descended a staircase and found an altar to Tiamat. There were four stone coffins, all vandalized and abused. Armor in niches in the walls turned out to be deadly traps. Here the party was besieged by more kobolds, one of which escaped.

After a short rest, the party moved on to the next room, a tomb with a sludgepit. Here the party battled kobolds utilizing a sludgeball weapon, as well as drakes. While searching the bodies of the vanquished monsters, the party discovered an unholy ring with a dragon symbol engraved into it.

The party encountered a door adorned with images of dragons, but were unable to open it. They took a short rest in the room with the boulder, the scene of Eira’s death. (See Adventure Log, Campaign Intro., Sess. 4 (Jan. 7, 2014)).

Campaign Introduction, Session 9
Gelfem's Surrender

After a short rest, the party sent Grisha to scout out the dragon door, leaving Hinrik and Vermundur to watch over Andrei. Grisha opened the dragon-door using the unholy ring recovered from the sludge-wielding kobolds. (See Adventure Log, Campaign Intro., Sess. 8 (Mar. 8, 2014)).

There he found Gelfem, who congratulated the party on ruining his plans and then surrendered. Upon interrogation, Gelfem claims to have knowledge regarding neither Grisha’s sister-in-law nor nephew. Gelfem then reunited the party with Magnus and Krieg in exchange for a peaceful surrender and being taken back to Woodhaven to answer for his crimes. From Gelfem, Einar learned of his sister’s death.

After an extended rest in the parlor, the party found that Gelfem had destroyed most things of value. From the parlor, everyone could see pirate and Nylandi forces fighting on the sea around Hexturtooth. Gelfem led the party to the beach in order to be discovered by the victor of the sea-battle.

Paddling off-shore, the party and its prisoner were picked up by a town guardsman and taken to Vesturheim. There the party located Licus, who had notified Heimaey officials of the kobold presence on Hexturtooth. The Nylandi force was sent to engage them, although many kobolds escaped onto the mainland.

The party was then sent with an armed retinue to Woodhaven to report to Chief Ingolffson, whom they debriefed and to whom they turned over Gelfem for imprisonment and trial. Ingolffson promised to send a missive to Lord Faren Markelhay in Fallcrest.


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