Tag: Sigran


  • Grisha Nevzorov

    Grisha is a self-exile. When going off to (war? scouting?), Grisha's brother entrusted him with the care of his sister-and-law and nephew. One day, upon returning to his woodland cabin from a day of hunting, Grisha found the home absolutely empty: no …

  • Sascha Belov

    Born to poor natives living in the city, Sacha stayed alive on the streets by fighting and stealing. Now, what started as means to survival, has become a career - and she seems to enjoy it.

  • Andrei Ivanov

    Trapped in a hidden cavern while playing as child. Cried to only see the stars once again. [[The Slender Man | The Slender Man]] appeared and offered to grant his wish "for a price." Andrei has never revealed what the price was. (The cave has never …