Sambandsins Rijka

Sambandsins Rijka is an ancient civilization to the south across the Sea of Prongt from Nylandu. They are a kingdom. They are expansionist and arrogantly nationalist, though they stop short of outright hostility in most cases. Their attitude toward Nylandu is neutral – they don’t really see it as much of a civilization. Nonetheless, there have been a number of great sea battles between Sambandsins Rijka and Nylandu over domination of the waterways. They are outright enemies of the Kingdom of Einingu and trading partners with the Emirates of Urgangur.

Sambandsins Rijka is heavily elven, human, and half elven, and also sees the highest concentration of Eladrin in the world. 44% Elven, 28% Human, 12% Half-elven, 8% Eladrin, 8% other.

They have the 2nd most powerful navy in the world, and the 3rd most powerful army.

Nationals are referred to as “Rijkan”.

Sambandsins Rijka

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