Urgangur, The Emirates of

The Emirates of Urgangur is a massive collection of kingdoms civilization to the south across the Sea of Prongt from the Colony of Nerath, to the west of Sambandsins Rijka. The overall monarch is the Great Caliph. They are very wealthy and cunning. Their attitude toward Nylandu is hostile, but there are rarely largescale battles. They are neutral toward the Kingdom of Einingu and trading partners with Sambandsins Rijka.

The Emirates are heavily human, and half elven, and also sees the highest concentration of Dragonborn and Tiefling in the world. 51% Human, 28% Half-elven, 8% Tiefling, 8% Dragonborn, 5% other.

They have the 3rd most powerful navy in the world, and the 2nd most powerful army. They prefer to resort to piracy rather than compete outright with Nylandu.

Nationals are referred to as “Emir”.

Urgangur, The Emirates of

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